Free Dance Themed Craft Papers to Download

flamenco dancing backing paper

Ten+ sets of free dance based craft papers for you to download (you don't have to download complete sets as they have all been broken down into sections and put in zip folders). The types of dance covered include: Ballet, breakdancing, Flamenco, Indian, Rock and Roll and Latin.

These papers can be used to make greetings cards for those who enjoy dance or maybe on a scrapbooking page highlighting someones dance activities, a school show, passing a dance grade/exam etc.

Each of the sets contains backing papers in various sizes plus insert sheets, tags, labels and page curls. All are completely free to download and print.


Ballet Dancing Female

Ballet Dancing Pairs Craft Papers

Breakdancing Themed Craft Papers

Dirty Dancing Card Making Papers

Flamenco Dancing Craft Papers

Indian Dancing: Card Making Papers

Latin Dancing Crafting Sheets

Male Ballet Dance Craft Papers

Modern Dance Craft Papers

Pop Dancing. Free Craft Downloads

Rock and Roll Dancing Papers

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