Free Cheerleading Craft Papers to download and print.

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Yes we know about the ongoing discussion about Cheerleading, is it a form of dance, is it a comport, is it just a competative activity. We really can't comment on this discussion because we just aren't qulified to have an opinion and us putting this Cheerleading set in the sports section shouldn't be seen as anything other than us not jknowing where to put it!

The set contains all the normal papers, backing sheets, inserts, tags, labels and page curls etc... It is free dow loadload a section at a time and can be used in your card making, scrapbooking and other papercrafts.

Cheerleading Craft Papers

The files are split into different zip files according to types. Just click on any off the links below to download the zip file onto your computer. Under each link is the number of sheets you will find in that particular file.

Backing Papers A4 (14 papers)

Insert Sheets (56 papers)

Landscape A4 (14 papers)

Page Curls (14 papers)

Tags and Labels (14 papers)

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