Free Ice Skating Craft Papers to Download

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A small number of free papers on the theme of Ice Skating. With the advent of programs such as "Skating on Ice" the spot has taken on a whole new lease of life. This is quite an old set of designs so there is a linited range of papers in it but then are none the less useful for people interested in this sport.

These papers featuring the image of an Ice Skater are useful for people who either enjoy watching or actually partaking in Skating. You will find both backing paper and inserts in this set.

Ice Skating Craft Papers

The files are split into different zip files according to types. Just click on any off the links below to download the zip file onto your computer. Under each link is the number of sheets you will find in that particular file.

Backing Papers A4 (8 papers)

Insert Sheets (16 papers)

Page Curls (4 papers)

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