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Well as promised a bumper pack of decoupage.

Our Decoupage.

Just a few comments about our decoupage in general. Some of our sheets are quite easy to do and some a lot more difficult. This is done to cover the wide range of users we have. If you would like to give some of the very simple sheets a bit more depth then start with by printing the design on a square / rectangle / oval THEN make the third layer a full copy of a cut out design and then any other layers available.

Don't forget most printers will print sheets at different percentages so if our design is too big then print it out at 80% or ()%or 75% etc.

We are aware that many of you will already know the above but there are always new people taking up decoupage! If you need any more help please ask in the forum, other member are more than happy to lend a hand when needed.

Musical Decoupage sheets.

We have done 5 music decoupage / pyramid sheets, 3 of which are electric guitar and two cello. These are pretty simple designs but as with most designs should be good for relevant people. More instruments will follow over the next few weeks.

Dog Decoupage Sheets.

Three rather "cartoony" dog decoupage sheets. One is carrying a blank sign on which you may put a suitable message, this can either be written or you could use peel offs or even print yourself something off the computer!

Cross Stitch Chart.

A very traditional Flower Cross stitch chart this week. All the normal counts together with Keys for both Anchor and DMC. We are still improving our skills in chart building and many thanks to all who have made suggestions to help with this. This week we have cut down the number of colours used, getting rid of colours which only used very few strands and replacing them with suitable colours already in the pallet. Please see the not below about the new mailing list.
Cross Stitch Section

New Cross Stitch Newsletter

Because Cross Stitch and Paper Crafts are rather different we have decided to split the Newsletter in Two. We will still mention the Cross Stitch in this one every now and then but not often as I know many paper crafters just aren't interested in it. If you want to be kept up-to-date with the our latest Cross Stitch Charts you will need to sign up to the Newsletter below. Again we will only send out Cross Stitch Newsletter when we actually have some thing new for you. This will be no more than once a week and probably less often than that. There is a copy of this form on the website so you can point interested friends towards it and you can use it to unsubscribe should you wish to leave the list at any time.
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Decoupage Words

We have created some very simple "Decoupage Words" for you, there are options on how to use them so you don't have to cut out each individual letter if you don't want to. Again we will be doing some more of these over the coming weeks so any suggestions (by email or via the forum) would be most welcome.

Janets' Blog

Invitation CardJanets blog this week has an "Invitation Card" which uses two of this weeks decoupage sheet. If you have been reading the forum you will know that Janet is having a difficult time at the moment so we would like to thank her for taking the time to do this card. I'm sure all our best wishes go to her and her family.

Visit Janets Blog

Useful Direct Links

Forum Party..

We intend to hold a "Forum Party", in the forum starting 8.30pm (BST) on Friday. There will be games and real prizes and a chance of chatting "live" with other forum members.

I hope as many people who can pop in for at least some of the time. Obviously you will need to be a member of the forum to actually take part. If it's a success then we will hold other events in the future.

Further details are available on THIS THREAD in the forum.

Other Decoupage

Other Decoupage papers this week are a flower design (same as the Cross Stitch) and two televisions which are blank in the middle so you can add your own picture! Hope you enjoy all these sheets, more decoupage will follow shortly.

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Happy Crafting

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