Two really nice sets of papers for you this week plus details on what’s happen on the site both before and after mas. The first is a rather nice  cartoon Father Christmas papers set.

Cartoon Santa Claus Papers to DownloadCartoon Father Christmas Papers.

Here is our first set of new Christmas Papers for this year. There will be at least another 2 sets over the coming weeks. Obviously there are still 1,000s of Christmas papers available on the site. This is a rather nice cartoon Father Christmas papers set. We hope you like them.

Cartoon Father Christmas Papers.

Medieval Craft PapersMedieval / Fantasy Papers.

Well we are just about at the end of this particular series of papers. This set contains the Maiden, Knight and both of the dragons. Next wee (hopefully) we will release the decoupage and pyramid papers and that will be the end.

Medieval / Fantasy Papers.



This weeks recap over older papers is mostly (but not exclusively) based on Father Xmas ones.

Father Xmas.

Free Christmas Desing Downloadable Card Making Paper Free Card Making Design

Father Xmas .


Santa Claus Craft Paper Free Sant Claus Design Father Christmas Craft Paper

Santa .

Trad Xmas Papers.

Taditional Christmas Craft Paper Free Taditional Christmas Design Free Craft Download

Trad Xmas Papers .

Xmas Decoupage and Pyramid Papers.

Santa Claus Decoupage Santa Pyramid Paper Father Christmas Decoupage

Xmas Decoupage .

Well if all goes to plan wewill have a great run up to the end of the year. We will be releasing 4  sports sets, one a week, with each set having one of our unique characters (Brewster, Bea, Bulmer and Yowser). The 4 sports are all popular in America but are also played in many other parts of the world. This series will start in about 3 weeks and take us up to the new year. Early next year we will be moving the site.  Plus starting on more name papers and a series on dog breeds. Don’t forget to ensure you are on the email list. We will be giving away a downloadable Xmas present to all our mailing list members next month. For now, we hope you enjoy the cartoon Father Christmas papers .
Happy Crafting.