Well here is another great Christmas set, Cartoon Reindeer Craft Papers . We also have a set of papers with a “Cheese” theme, a bit strange but we have made them by request so we know at least one person will find them useful!


Cartoon Reindeer Craft Papers

Cartoon Reindeer Craft Papers .

Here is the latest in our short series of free Christmas papers. This week the set are Cartoon Reindeer Craft Papers , we’re sure you will find them useful.

Cartoon Reindeer Craft Papers .


Cheese Papers.

Not too sure what to say about this set, it’s based on the theme of Cheese. These papers were made by request and we hope at least some of you will find them useful.



This week we are looking at some of our Character Papers.


This is a very big set of papers and although not strictly Christmas related as it can also be used for birthdays and other present related times, the papers certainly can be used to make Christmas cards.

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http://www.craftville.com/free-craft-downloads/characters/Beatrice/bea_present/ .

Christmas Carolling.

Another large set of papers featuring 3 of our characters carol singing. This set also contains snow flake papers which can be used independently if you wish. The Christmas boarders/frames are particularly nice and again can be used with other papers if you wish.

http://www.craftville.com/free-craft-downloads/characters/Other/christmas_carolling/ .

Brewster Christmas Card Papers.

This is a very small set but makes a lovely card, in fact it makes a “card on a card”. If you would like to see some lovely example using these papers please see this page on Janet’s Blog.


A slight “mis-truth” in last weeks newsletter because this week isn’t the last Christmas set, we do in fact intend to bring you one more next week. Following that we have a great line up for you in December. We will be bringing you lots of Character papers based on for new (well new to the site) sports topics. Each of our four characters will be featured playing a different sport and the set will all contain decoupage, digi stamps and pyramid papers, as well as all the normal backing sheets. We also hope to do some cross stitch chart to go with them as long as time allows! For now, we hope you enjoy the Cartoon Reindeer Craft Papers .

Happy Crafting.