Well something new this week, in fact something I have said previously we wouldn’t do! These are free card kits. We have made 6 to see how well they go down with our users. I dislike the way they move the design away from the person making the card but I do accept they can be useful both for people who are new to card making and for people who need to make something quickly. I’d be grateful for any opinions / thoughts on these free card kits, either in the forum, on the Facebook/G+ pages or even by email.

Free Card Kits to Download .


Army Bear Themed Card Kit Easy Christmas Card Download Free Birthday Card Kit to Download

As mentioned about we are trialling some free card kits. Each consists of three sheets, the main card, the decoration and an insert sheet. These are available to download in a single zip folder. YOu still have options, you can choose to replace the insert sheet with a white on, you don’t have to use all the decoration ( be it decoupage or pyramid paper ) but you are basically making the card given in the image.

What we have done is resize some of the elements to ensure the decoupage fits within the frame etc. This should mean a lot less messing around and cutting out. We hope you like that although we realise many of our users prefer to design their own cards even when using elements off the site. These card kits should be perfect for those who are new to card making or more experienced card makers who need something quickly. Please let us know what you think.

Free Card Kits.

There is also a page of instructions:


Racing Driver Set


Car Racing Card Making Design Motor Sport Themed Card Making Download Free Motor Sport Card Making Paper

We have added papers to the Craftville bear racing set. These are basic papers (backing papers, page curls, tags, labels and insert sheets) all with a chequered flag motif. These should go well with the Decoupage etc released last week. They will also go with the papers below.

In addition to these we have also added a some “frames” to this set.

Craftville Bear Racing Driver.

Motor Sport Craft Paper Car Racing Backing Paper Chequered Flag Motif

Motor Sport Papers Set 1


Free Motor Sport Themed Backing Paper 5x5 Card Making Design Free Car Racing Insert Sheet

Here is the first in a small series of papers based on the theme of motor racing of different sorts. These papers could be used in conjunction with last weeks Craftville Bear Racing Driver ones or on their own to make more “serious” motor sport themed cards.

This is a basic set so it contains the normal backing papers, insert sheets, page curl, tags and labels.

Motor Sport Papers Set 1.

Lanscape orientated Insert Sheet for Motor Sports Car Racing Backing Paper Formula 1 themed craft download.
That’s virtually all for this week. I will just mention that we have added a few more design to the Birds of Prey Pyramid Paper sets. They seem to have been over looked when we last did an upload to this section. Please do let us know what you think of the Free Card Kits idea. We will definitely release a few more and then decide, based on the feedback, whether to continue or not.Happy Crafting