A range of projects and ideas suitable for both adults and children.

Here we are building up a collection of paper craft projects. Most of them will be suitable for both adults and children although kids may need a hand in the more complicated one.

We aim to do two things with each project. Obviously each one will centre around the creation of one item but as often as possible we will make that easily adaptable to other situations and days. We also hope each project will introduce different techniques.

If you have any ideas for projects then you are welcome to put forward suggestions or maybe you would like to make a card project or other papercraft item for us yourself (details at the bottom).

In my own I am going to try and use as little equipment as I can, where possible restricting it to the basics which we should all have around the house; pencil, ruler, glue, double sided sticky tape etc. Any designs use will either be downloadable from the project page or I will link to where they can be found on the site.

Easter Basket Project : Paper Craft


A great Easter basket project for both Adults and Children (Kids). Now with added Hallowee […]

March 17th, 2014|Categories: Card Making and Paper Craft Projects / Ideas||Comments Off on Easter Basket Project : Paper Craft

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