Modern DancingHere is our selection of Dance papers downloads. This is a fairly new topic for use so the selection is still growing. We started by making the backing papers, inserts tags, labels, landscape papers etc, all the basic papers used in card making and other paper crafts. We will slowly be adding to this collection with some pyramid papers (stackers) and some decoupage. As is normal with all of our papers they are freely downloadable and printable.
We hope yo like the Dance papers downloads and, as normal, if you have any suggestions about other types of dance you would like to see then please do let us know.

N.B. If you an issue downloading our papers then there is a video HERE which should help you. No membership or sign up is require. Just find the sheets you want and download via the button on the right (the button only appears when you are viewing the larger version on the image NOT on the thumbnail.

Ballet Papers.

We have three sets of Ballet Dance Papers Downloads, a female set, a male set and a pairs set.

Backing Papers.

Female Ballet Papers 1.
Male Ballet Papers 2.
Pairs Ballet Papers 2.

Break-dancing Papers.

If you need to make a card for a younger person here is a nice set of break dancing papers. This set, in addition to all the basic papers, does already contain toppers and frames/borders.

Backing Papers.


Dirty Dancing.

Based on the film of the same name you could also use these papers as 1950s style dancing (Just about the same but less energetic).

Backing Papers.

Dirty Dancing.

Indian Dance Papers Downloads.

A sort of card making meets Bollywood. A nice set of papers with all the normal sets, backing papers, insert, tags labels etc.

Backing Papers.

Indian Dancing.

Decoupage and Pyramid Papers.

Indian Dancing Pyramid Papers.
Indian Dancing: Simple Decoupage Sheets.

Latin Dance Papers Downloads.

If you have friends who enjoy Latin Dancing then these are the papers for you!

Backing Papers.

Latin Dance.

Decoupage and Pyramid Papers.

Latin Dance Pyramid Papers.
Latin Dance: Simple Decoupage Sheets.

Modern Dance Papers Downloads.

Not a lot I can say about Modern Dance papers downloads. Its a nice set of free papers and I know a lot of people study Modern Dance but unfortunately that doesn’t mean I can define it!.

Backing Papers.

Modern Dance.

Pop Dancing Papers.

A set of pop dancing papers with a sort of Micheal Jackson quality (although it isn’t him of course). Again suitable for a wide range of greeting cards and completely free to download and print.

Backing Papers.

Pop Dancing Papers.

Decoupage and Pyramid Papers.

Pop Dancing Pyramid Papers.
Pop Dancing: Simple Decoupage Sheets.

Rock and Roll Dancing Papers.

A free set of papers based on a good old fashioned Rock and Roll theme. Perfect for those 1950s greetings cards.

Backing Papers.

Rock and Roll Dance Papers.

Decoupage and Pyramid Papers.

Rock and Roll Dance Pyramid Papers.
Rock and Roll Dance: Simple Decoupage Sheets.

Comedy and Tragedy Papers.

The Comedy and Tragedy masks have been the symbol of theatre and performance for centuries. Here you will find our designs based on this which can be used in all sorts of performance related cards, either for good luck or well done.

Backing Papers.

Comedy and Tragedy Mask Papers.

Decoupage and Pyramid Papers.

Comedy and Tragedy Mask Pyramid Papers.
Comedy and Tragedy Mask Decoupage Sheets.

Free Female Ballet Dancing Papers

Female Ballet.

Dance Papers Downloads

Pairs Ballet

Download Breakdancing Papers


Dirty Dancing Film Papers

Dirty Dancing.

Bollywood style Indian Dacing

Indian Dance.

Pop Dancing Pyramid Papers

Pop Dancing.

Comedy and Tragedy Masks

Comedy and Tragedy.

Don’t forget you can make your own ¬†backing papers by using our online Backing Paper Builder.(You will find some Christmas Templates in the Template section of this)

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