Bea Double Bass
We have a large number of free music papers downloads on the site as it has proved to be a very popular topic. In addition to different types of papers e.g. decoupage, backing papers, pyramid papers, inserts etc we have also tried to cover different types of music. We have papers for classical music, jazz, classical and pop. We even have Yowser on the decks doing a bit of mixing. We also cover various instruments including the guitar, violin, saxophone, cello and more. We will be adding to this section continually and will put new papers here as they are brought out. All of these craft papers are completely downloadable and printable and of course, are free.
N.B. If you an issue downloading our papers then there is a video HERE which should help you. No membership or sign up is require. Just find the sheets you want and download via the button on the right (the button only appears when you are viewing the larger version on the image NOT on the thumbnail.

Card Making Pop Group

Many of the papers in the music section can be mixed and matched. For example, the Brewster Guitar set has some great backing papers based on sheet music. These would also be suitable with other decoupage like the classical one.

Character Sets.

Pop Star Music Papers Downloads.

This is a great set of free papers mainly aimed at making cards for teenagers. The Characters are dome in a South Park style and include a singer with guitar, a singer on their own and a saxophone player. Included in this set are baking papers, inserts, page curls, tags, labels etc all with a musical notation theme. Obviously these papers can be used without the main characters and/or with some of our other music papers if you wish. There is even a set of music frames in various sizes.
Pop Star Set.


Brewster on Guitar.

Another complete set of papers this time featuring Brewster on the acoustic guitar. In this set the additional papers have a musical notation theme again but this time with an acoustic guitar on as well. These additional papers can be used without the character papers if you wish.
Brewster Guitar.


Carol Singers.

A great set of free music papers downloads for Xmas. It features three of our characters; Bea, Brewster and Bulmer, carol singing in the snow. The characters appear on digi stamps, decoupage sheets and pyramid papers. To back this up there is a full set of other papers including Backing Papers, page curls, inserts etc with a snowflake theme. Finally there is a set of frames with snowmen on.
Carol Singers.


String Quartet.

Now we skip to classical music with this string quartet. This is a huge set of music papers downloads with everything you could need to make great classical cards. Each figure is decoupaged separately so you can do all 4 together or individually if you prefer. This set also contains 2 sets of each backup paper (backing sheets, inserts etc.) plus digi stamps, pngs, frames and pyramid papers.
String Quartet.


Pop Group.

A full set of papers with the four characters . This set has Brewster on the saxophone, Bea on the Electric guitar, Yowser on the keyboard and Bulmer on the drums. Together they make up a pop group but each of the characters can be used separately in decoupage or pyramid sheets. All the normal music papers downloads are there with a drum theme.
Pop Group.


Yowser Mixing.

Something here for younger people, Yowser on the mixing decks. The papers are fully downloadable and printable and, in addition to Yowsers on the decks we have a full set of supporting papers featuring vinyl records.
Yowser Mixing.


Yowser Rapping.

Another set for younger people. This time we have Yowser “rapping”. The set consists of decoupage sheets and pyramid papers.
Yowser Rapping.

Other Music Papers Downloads.


Cross Stitch.

Brewster and Guitar.
Bea Carol Singing.
Bea and Electric Guitar.


Music Decoupage Sheets.

Several different types of musical decoupage including: Cello, Guitar and Saxophone etc.

Music Decoupage.

Music Papers Downloads Sets.

Here is our list of free music papers downloads sets. Don’t forget that many of the sets above also include paper sets and we encourage people to mix and match our free papers as much as they can. It gives you the control over the design of your own cards and we have seen some lovely examples of cards made with a mix of papers we had never though of.

Brass Instruments.
Classical Guitar Papers.
Drum Papers.
General Music Papers.
Keyboard (piano) Papers.
Sheet Music.
Treble Clef Papers.
Trumpet Papers.
Violin Papers.


Music Papers Downloads

Pop Star

Brewster Guitar Decoupage

Brewster Guitar.

Yowser Mixing

Yowser Mixing

Carol Singing

Carol Singing

General Music Paper

General Music
Papers Downloads.

Treble Clef Landscape Paper

Treble Clef.
Don’t forget you can make your own papers by using our online Backing Paper Builder.(You will find some Christmas Templates in the Template section of this).

We really hope you like our collection of free music papers downloads. Music is a very large subject and we are sure that there are types of music, instruments etc which you would still like to see us cover. If you have any ideas please do let us know through our contact form.

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