Simple Box Frames

These are all based on a simpler version of our 3d box frame template. No small tabs on this one or fiddly bits to cut out. They are quite simple to put together but if you would like to see how it's done please see our Fathers Day Card Project video. Putting the frame together is the first part on the video.

These simple box frames are suitable for adding a piece of 3d decoupage or maybe a pyramid paper to the centre.

We will be adding more of these simple box frames for card making over the coming months. We hope you find them useful.

We have now added a new version of the simple frame. The end pieces have been extended with an extra tag to help keep the in place. These new designs alos have a second sheet which makes a back. You wont need this is you are using the frame on a card but you can use it if you are making a standalone frame.

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