Sunset Themed Craft Papers

Well this is a bit of an unusual set for us in several ways. Firstly they have been made at 300 dpi which is twice are normal resolution. Whilst doing this doesn't always add to the quality of an image we feel that is the right thing to do for these images.

Secondly there are no page curls and not tags or labels. There are however A4, A5, and 10x7 papers all in both portrait and landscape.

Finally The "toppers" (for want of a better word are available in A5, 5x7 and A6 sizes. You can of-course, print them out twice if you wish to cut out the black silhouette and make a simple piece of decoupage ( we may add these later ion white backgrounds if we get the chance). There are four different designs in the toppers, 3 couples and the tree.

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