Santa and Sleigh Backing Papers.

Here we have a lovely set of free Santa and Sleigh Backing Papers for you to download and print. The design is available in 3 different sizes, A4, A5 and A6 with both portrait and landscape orientations.

You will notice differences with the designs, mostly the colour and position of the moon as well as the difference in the main background. We have created the landscape papers with the moon on the left, right and centre in order to accomadate peoples different card making needs.

We hope you like these. You can use them on their own if you wish or you can use them with other papers on ther site. We do have another Santa and sleigh set where you will find suitable insert sheets etc.

You can if you wish turn any of these sheets into a simple piece of 3D decoupage. Layer one could be the full sheets, layer two the moon/sleigh and mountains and finally just the mountains on layer three. This would avoid having to cut the sleigh itself out.

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