Football Craft Papers

A set of free football craft papers featuring one of our Craftville bears. There are 3d decoupage sheets, pyramid papers, / stackers, PNGs and digi stamps. This is quite a large set as we have 3 versions of each design in the decoupage and PNG section. These are a white version, a red on and a blue one.

The white version has been made so you can colour the team strip in the football craft papers to any colour you like. Obviously the person you will be making the card for will have their own favourite team and you just need to look their shirt and shorts colours up on the internet and colour them in appropriately.

Just so our friends in America don't get confused. These Football Craft papers are the type of football your call soccer, not American Football. We'd hate for you to get them mixed up :-)

These Football Craft papers should be useful for card making and other types of paper craft. They are all completely free to download and print.

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