American Football Craft Papers (+Rugby?)

We did actually make this free set of craft papers to feature American Football (by request) but I don't know of any reason why they can't be used for Rugby as well (I'm sure someone will enlighten me if there is one).

This is a super set so as well as the usual backing papers, insert sheets, tags, labels, page curls etc. it does also contain Decoupage, Pyramid Papers, PNGs and Digi Stamps.

So if you know someone who enjoys playing or watching American Football or Rugby then there should make a great set for you. We don't recommend using too many parts of this set on the same greeting card, probably a max of two (e.g. Decoupage and insert sheet or Pyramid paper and inside backing paper. ) If you take a look in the sport section of the main backing papers category you will find some simple Rugy Papers which would go well with these designs.

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