Name Card Templates

These free name card templates of for making great Birthday Cards. The downloadable templates are available for each name in 2 different styles and 3 different sizes, A4, 10x7 and A5 (prior to folding). Making a totlat of 6 free templates for each name. We have both boys names (male) and girls names (female) available.

At the moment we have over 40 girls names and 50 boys names on these free templates and this selection is growing week by week. So if you need a template to make a name based birthday card, this is the place to look.

Boys Names include:
Alexander, Alfie, Archie, Ben, Billy, Callum, Charlie, Chris, Corey, Daniel, David, Dylan, Ethan, Gary, George, Harry, Jack, Jacob, Jake, James, John, Joseph, Joshua, Leif, Leighton, Lewis, Lucas, Matthew, Mohammed, Nicholas, Noah, Oliver, Oscar, Peter, Ralph, Samuel, Thomas and William.

Girls Names include:
Amelia, Anne, Ava, Barb, Bethan, Cara, Charlotte, Chloe, Daisy, Elise, Ella, Emily, Evie, Freya, Grace, Hannah, Holly, Isabel, Isabella, Isabelle, Isla, Jessica, Joanne, Katie, Lily, Maisie, Mia, Monica, Olivia, Poppy, Rachel, Ruby, Sally, Samantha, Scarlett, Sophie and Tanya.

(we have added more templates covering more names since this was written so please check out the relevant sections where you will find all the templates in alphabetical order.)

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