Relative Card Templates

Free card making stencils with the names of various relatives on them. At the time of writing we have: Aunty, Brother, Cousin, Dad, Daughter, Gran, Grandad, Mum, Nan, Sister, Son and Uncle. We will obviously be adding to these quite quickly so you should check out one of the categories and see if we have added any more yet!

The cards come in 3 sizes, A4, A5 and 10 by 7, to make the completed card they should be folded lengthways so you will end up with a long narrow card. We have put fold marks in the correct place in a very light blue. We have also put a border around the edge of each card in the same colour so if you are printing the A5 sheet onto an A4 piece of card you will know where to cut it.

Our idea for these cards is for the letters to be cut out and then some sort of coloured insert sheet to be placed in the card so the design/colours show through the gap. Having said that we know how creative people using this site can be and we're sure you will come up with other ideas.

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