Working with LayersAn 8 part (ish) video course specially designed for paper crafters. Covering topics such as backing papers, 3d Decoupage, pyramid papers and more. All of this using the fantastic free graphics program, Paint.Net.

The course assumes that you haven’t used a graphics program before. If you have you may want to skim watch the first video as much of it will be familiar to you. Do ensure you watch the bit on layers if yo haven’t used them before, these will come up often in the rest of the course. We hope you enjoy the videos. Each lesson the video will be support by text and images plus we will be supplying a download of the images used. These should enable you to practice exactly what we have done in the video.

Graphics Course. Part 2a. Using Layers.

This is a small additional video we made about using layers to combine two or more images. There is […]

Graphics Course. Part 2. Rotation Resizing and Plugins.

This is the second part of of course which covers Rotation Resizing and Plugins. Slightly shorte […]

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Graphics Course for Crafters. Part 1.

In order to follow this graphics course for crafters you will want to install which is a w […]