Make Your Own Backing Papers

Make Your Own Backing PaperThe Make your own backing papers programme is very simple to use, it is all online so there is nothing to install and nothing to download except your finished paper. There are 3 sizes available A4, A5 (A6 when folded) and 10" x 7" (5"x7" when folded) each in landscape or portrait.

Backing Paper ExampleYou put in your own phrase then choose your font, font size, font colour, Fill or Tile and then solid colour background or template. If you choose template then you will get a pop-up window in which to make your selection (if you don't please ensure you allow popups for this site).

We will be adding relevent templates at different times of the year but keeping the basic ones all the time.

Although the programme is very simple to use please read the following tips:
  • It is best by far to save the image you produce to your disc (there is a button to do this) and then print it of using a proper graphics programme.
  • If the writing is "bunched up" try putting some spaces before and/or you phrase in the text box.
  • Experiment, after you have clicked the build button you will find a back button, all your settings will be saved and you will be able to alter just one or two of them if you wish. When you have something you like you can then continue with save or print.
Online Backing Paper MakierIf you must print off using the Print Button on the page (which is similar to the print button on your browser) then we suggest the following:
  • Make sure you are using the correct size paper and if necessary interrupt the print at the correct moment to choose different setting for paper size and orientation. You may also like to choose "Print Current Page" or "page 2" (may differ in your browser / for your printer.
  • Ensure you have turned off all the "extra" settings in your print set up in the browser. (Header, URL, Pagination, date etc....

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