Adding Colour.
Black and White Photo (with a bit of colour)

  Black and White Photo (with a bit of colour) This look has been popular for a long time, before computers, even before colour cameras,  it would be achieved by simply colouring a section of a black and white photo with paints. Luckily for us we do now have colour photography and great graphics programs […]

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Knotter Free Software
Celtic Knot Creator

We thought we’d give you a quick over view on getting started with the Celtic Knot Creator: Knotter (Review in our software section). It will suite people who like making patterns or are good at Maths!  The best way to start is to make a very simple patter which is symmetrical, this means not only […]

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Rectangular Selection Tool
Making A Selection.

There are a few important techniques when working with images which are common to almost all graphics programs, well the raster ones anyway. The one we are looking at here is making a selection, or choosing a specific area to work on within an image. By making a selection only that area will be affected […]

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What Are Plugins
What are plugins ? An Explanation.

What are plugins ? Well obviously we are talking here in relation to graphics programs, mostly editors although many other types of programs do have them. They are also know as “Add ons”, “Extensions”,  and other words like that. So what are plugins ? They add functionality to a program, it will add extra abilities which weren’t […]

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