Kaleidoscope Generator

Free Online Kaleidoscope Generator.

Free Online Kaleidoscope Generator

Free Online Kaleidoscope Generator.

This gets a little bit confusing as sometimes we call the online program a Kaleidoscope Generator and sometimes we call it a Tbag Tile Maker. Actually it’s both as it can produces tiles sized from  4cm right up to 12 cm. If really has been one of the most popular pages on the site but most people don’t seem to be reading the instruction or watching the video so they aren’t getting as much out of the Kaleidoscope Generator as they could.

There is a limit to the file size:

It won’t work if the image is more than 2.5MB in size.

You Can Resize the Image in the program.

Just left mouse click on the black border surrounding the image whilst holding down the Ctrl key on you keyboard. You can the drag the line in and out to make the image larger or smaller.

You can tilt the image in the program.

This time left click in the “active section” (around 1 o’clock on the image), again holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard. This time when you move the mouse the image will tilt left and right.

Most of this is explained in the instructions which you will find HERE. If you are like me the best bet is probably to watch the video as it takes you through everything.


Free Online Kaleidoscope Generator

Free Online Kaleidoscope Generator.

Future Development.

We aren’t just going to let this program stagnate. For one thing it has been written in “Flash” and is becoming a bit old. We intent (time and money allowing) to commission a new version  written in HTML5. . We also intend to  redo the instruction video as that is also a bit old and we can do it much better now.

The other thing we intend doing, again when time allows, is a section on TBag folding and the different folds you can do. This should compliment the Kaleidoscope Generator. It will be focused on beginners but should also be useful to those who have done it before.

Anyway we hope you are enjoying using the Kaleidoscope Generator and look forward to the future developments.