15th February 2024

New Year 2019 Craft Papers.

New Year 2019 Craft Papers.
New Year 2019 Craft Papers.

Well it’s been quite a while since our last newsletter but we are back with a brand new set of New Year 2019 craft papers. In addition to that we have started to re-upload some of the older basic sets.

Finally we also have a new email system Details of that are below.

Over the next couple of months we hope to upload all the older papers although quite a few of these will be archived.

New Year 2019 Craft Papers.

We thought it was about time to make a start on our 2019 New Year craft papers. This is the first part of the new basic set. In addition to this we will be releasing new 2019 card templates, 2019 calendars and more. All those should be available in the next 3 or 4 weeks.

In addition to these new papers we have also uploaded the older New Year basic sets.

New Year 2019 Craft Papers.


Basic Christmas Papers.

We have uploaded 14 of the most popular basic Christmas sets. There is no longer a download button. To save the image just click on the thumbnail to open up the full sized image. Once you can see that on your screen you can just right click on it and “Save As….”.

We should have the rest of the Christmas papers uploaded shortly but they will mostly be archived sets.

Basic Christmas Papers.


New Email System.

We have invested in a new email system. You shouldn’t actually notice much difference except it is now much easier to unsubscribe. Now all you have to do is click on the link at the bottom of the email and you will automatically be unsubscribed.

The system for changing your email address is still the same. Just unsubscribe your old one and then subscribe again using the new.


We will be adding back the basic papers as quick as we can. In the meantime there are still plenty of papers available in the characters sets, templates, 3d decoupage sections etc.

Happy Crafting.

Yours, Bob.

5 thoughts on “New Year 2019 Craft Papers.

  1. Sorry there was an error in the original email I sent out with the unsubscribe link. I’ve sent out a correct with a working link which should enable any one who wants to to unsubscribe. (We’re still getting used to this new system, thought I had it all sorted but obviously not 🙁 )

  2. Hi, it’s lovely to hear from you again, and so looking forward to the 2019 papers and template etc xxx
    Thanking you so much for the privilege of being able to get them for free xxx much appreciated for me anyway xxx

    1. You are most welcome Chris and thank you for the positive feedback.

      Will be getting more 2019 papers out ASAP.

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