23rd September 2022

Make Your Own Word Card Templates

Make Your Own Word Card TemplatesHere is a tutorial on how to make your own word card templates. Over on Free Craft Downloads we make loads of Word Card Templates. Some of the say things such as Happy Easter, Merry Christmas etc whilst others contain peoples names. These templates are actually quite easy to make as long as you have the correct  graphics programme. In our video we have used PaintShop Pro be we are certain the same thing is possible with other good graphics programmes such as GIMP or Photoshop. You can make your own word card templates in them all.

These word templates are great for things like birthday card. The best thing is, if you can make them yourself, then you can make a card for absolutely any friend or relative quite quickly. I’ve even know someone make one for their dog!. [important]We suggest you watch this video full screen.[/important]

Once you have mad the card and printed it out you have a few options about what you do to decorate it.

If you want you can cut out the gaps between each letter, the cards should be made so they will still stay in one piece and stand if this is done. You don’t HAVE to cut out the gaps, you can just decorate each of the letters if you wish.

Dad Card TemplateNew Year Card Template


Why Make your own Word Card Templates.

There really is no limit to the types of card which you can make using this technique. We suggest sitting with a cup of coffee (or tea) and having play for an hour or so. You may be surprised with the results. [ for those of you which are confident with graphics programmes you could of course continue once you have made the template and decorate it in the programme using things like the flood fill tool, gradients and patterns etc. Having said that, if you do it this way, we’re fairly certain you can’t call it a craft 🙂 ] Anyway, have fun learning How to make your own word card templates!

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Authored By: Bob Prentice.

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