19th July 2024

Birth Flowers for Card Makers

Birth Flowers
Birth Flowers.

Birth Flowers.

Here are the twelve birth Flowers and their corresponding dates. We have seperate lists for the US and the UK.  If you are outside of those countries you could see if you have a list of your own or you could choose one of these to use.

As with Birthstone and Zodiac signs these Brith Flowers can make the basis of a Birthday card even if yo have no other information about the person. We have papers for many of these flowers and those we don’t we will be doing shortly.

UK Birth Flowers.

Month. Flower. Symbolization.
January. Carnation. Love, pride, beauty, distinction, and fascination.
February. Iris. Faith, wisdom and hope.
March. Daffodil. Rebirth, respect, regard and unrequited love.
April. Daisy, Sweet pea. Modesty and simplicity.
May. Lily of the Valley, Other lilies. Humility, chastity, purity, and sweetness.
June. Rose. Love and appreciation, while other meanings depends on each color.
July. Larkspur. Levity and lightness.
August. Gladiolus. Remembrance.
September. Forget-me-not, Aster. Patience and daintiness.
October. Calendula (aka Marigold). Winning grace.
November. Chrysanthemum. Compassion, friendship, and secret love.
Decembe.r Paperwhite. The sweetness of whoever receives it.

US Birth Flowers.

Month. Flower.
January. Snowdrop.
February. Primrose.
March. Daffodil.
April. Daisy.
May Hawthorne.
June. Rose.
July. Larkspur.
August. Poppy.
September. Morning glory.
October. Calendula.
November. Chrysanthemum.
December. Holly.


So if you know someones birthdate you can now find papers related to their Birthsign, Birthstone and Birth Flowers. With all of these you should be able to make a lovely personalised Brithday Crad using the papers off this site. We do still have a for gaps in the papers available but we will be sorting those over the coming months.

As with all the information on this site the list of Birth Flowers given above is accurate to the best of our knowlege. We have found contradictory information on some sites but the above list appears to be the definative one.

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