3rd July 2022

1. Archived Music Sets.

Archived Music Craft Papers.
Archived Music Craft Papers.

Here is our selection of slightly older music themed papers. These papers have been achived which means, rather than downloading them individually, they can be downloaded a set at a time. Where possible we have split the sets up into portrait and landscape orientations. Both of these are A4 in size.

In addition to these archived sets we do also have more modern music papers available to download a sheet at a time. There are also quite a lot of music themed papers available in our characters section. There are digi stamps, pyramid papers and 3d Decoupage sheets etc. with the topics of carol signing, a string quartet, a pop group etc.


Music Boarders and Frames.

A selection of boarders / frames all with a music theme. The papers can be downloaded for free and come in a range of sizes including A4, A5, A6, 5×7 and 5×5. The download includes multiple sizes to make 5×5, 5×7, 6×6, A5 and A6 cards.

Music Boarders and Frames.


Classical Guitar.
Classical Guitar.

Classical Guitar.

A basic but nice set of papers featuring a classical (acoustic) guitar.  Obviously this is a very popular instrument with all age ranges although I suspect many move on to the electric version. We do have a more modern set of acoustic guitar papers and a set for the electric version in our “non-archive” section.

Classical Guitar (Protrait).



Drum Themed Craft Papers.
Drum Themed Craft Papers.

Fantastic set of papers for any one who plays (or thinks they can play) the drums. Can be used on their own or together with our guitar papers to make a “group” card.

If you are after a more modern set of drum papers then you will find one in our general music section (one level up from this).

Drum (Protrait).


Keyboard (piano) Papers.

Keyboard Craft Papers.
Keyboard Craft Papers.

A great set of papers for anyone who plays the keyboard either, piano, electric keyboard or the organ. These papers can be used to make lovely greetings cards for any of these musicians. Maybe its as a thank you for a concert or recital or just a normal Birthday or celebration card.

The papers are completely free to download and come in portrait and landscape orientations..

Keyboard (piano) Papers (Protrait).

Keyboard (piano) Papers (Landscape).


Mixed Music Papers.

This is a general music set which contains mostly papers featuring music notation although around number 41 there are some nice papers with a mixture of musical instruments. These papers would suit making cards for people with general musical interests, music teachers, choir members etc. They can be used on their own or maybe with some of our other music papers.

Mixed Music Papers (Protrait).


Sheet Music.

These sheets of music will make great backgrounds on all sorts of greeting cards, they can be used on their own or together with some of our other musical papers. The music on the papers is nonsensical so don’t be worried about having issues with copyright.

(Did you know someone owns the copyright to the words and music “Happy Birthday”. Really, each time it is “performed” royalties should be paid!)

Sheet Music (Protrait).

Sheet Music (Landscape).


Trumpet Themed Craft Papers.
Trumpet Themed Craft Papers.

Trumpet Papers.

Well for all those budding Louis Armstrongs here is a set of Trumpet Papers. Obviously the trumpet spans a wide range of music, used as part of a brass backing section or an orchestra, in a brass band, jazz quartet and in many other situations. Truly a very versatile instrument and much easier to carry than an E flat Bass 🙂 .

Trumpet Papers (Protrait).


Violin Papers.

Well there must be lots of budding Violinists out there, it taught in many junior schools in the UK although I suspect parents have to pay for it now-a-days. So if you need to make a “Well Done” card after a school concert this is the set of papers for you. On the other hand you may just know a really good violinist who these papers would make a great birthday card for.

All the “normal” papers are in this set; backing papers, inserts, page curl. tags, labels etc. They come in a range of sizes including 5×5, 10×7, A6, A5 and A4 ( both landscape and portrait ).

You may also get away with using these papers for a viola player… personally I could never tell the difference!

Violin Papers (Protrait).