19th July 2024

Paint.net free Graphics Program

Free graphics program Paint.net
Paint.net v4.02

I will admit right away that the Paint.net free Graphics Program is my favourite graphics programme and my go to program for most of my image needs. It was simple enough for someone like me to learn ( a non graphic designer and hobbyist ) yet powerful enough to do virtually everything a need in the graphics line.

The program itself is fairly powerful but what really makes it is the range of plug ins available which have been made by members of its community. Installing these plug ins is as simple as downloading a file and moving it to a specific folder.  I wouldn’t even begin to try and list the range of plug ins available, but there is plenty of information available on their website.

There is another thing which makes the  Paint.net free Graphics Program just that bit better than many other programs and that’s it ability to respond to parameter chances whilst you are in the middle of using some tools. Now this may not make a lot of sense to you if you are a beginner with graphics but believe me it is a really useful function. You can change the tolerance of things like the magic wand, fill tool; the colours used in a gradient, with the shape tool etc. and see these changes reflected immediately in your image. This save an awful lot of toing and froing and it’s not an ability I have found in many programs of this type.

So does Paint.net have any bad paints?

Well yes there are certainly a couple of little issues but nothing which can’t be “worked around”.  It doesn’t seem to maintain the resolution of images when copying and pasting. This isn’t a big issue as it does keep the correct pixel size, it just sets it to its own resolution. This isn’t a problem at all if you work with web images but if you are going to print anything off on paper you just need to be aware of this and remember to set the image to the resolution you want.

If you do come across any issues there is an active forum where members may be able to give you a work around and the program is under active development.


You can download this program for free from Get Paint.net

Available for Windows Only.

Only download the program or plug ins from the official site, there are known “bad” copies of it in circulation. Even on the official site you should be careful to get the correct download. Don’t be confused by the multitude of misleading ads on it!.