17th February 2024

Tux Paint: Graphics for Kids

Graphics program for children
Tux Paint Graphic Progam

Well here’s a graphics program specifically for children. It’s used in many schools and it is suitable for children 3+. If it is being used by very young children then you will find some extra options in the Configuration Program (something you run separately) which will turn off some of the features, this makes a great program for graphics for kids of all ages. Although made for children, if yo have never used a graphics program before then I highly recommend having a play with this for a few days just to give you the basic feeling of a graphics program. You can’t do photo editing in it or actions like that. Think of it more like a drawing pad where you can draw shapes and lines etc. It can do a little more than this. If you add the “extra pack” there are hundreds of “stamps” which you can use in your pictures. There is also a nice range of “magic” effects which can be added.

Simplify options in Tux Paint.
Options to simplify

tux_optionsDon’t forget to run the configuration program, there are lots of options in there as far as screen size etc go. Some parents may be grateful for the option to turn the sound effect off although a suspect many younger children will like them.   This is a great program for children and I’m not surprised it has become very popular in schools etc.  Having this on your home computer as well could give your child a real advantage.

Tux Paint Shapes and Lines.
Tux Paint shapes and lines.

Tux paint is available for Windows, Linux, OS X Linus and a few other specific devices (e.g. IPad) and opperating systems.

You will find the official website here: http://www.tuxpaint.org/

As normal we only recommend you download this software via the official website. When we downloaded it it was completely clean with no extra download, malware or adverts. If you want the extra “stamps” there will need to be installed separately.