22nd February 2024

Calibrating Your Monitor

Calibrating Your Monitor
Calibrating Your Monitor.

It’s really obvious when you think about it but many people seem to forget about calibrating their monitors when working with graphics and photographs. It’s OK setting your monitor to what looks nice for when you are watching video or surfing the Internet but that isn’t going to really help when it comes to working with images. If your monitor isn’t set correctly then any colours you add to your images and any corrections you make to your photographs aren’t going to be the same when you print them out, neither do they stand much chance of ¬†looking right on other peoples system when you share them.

Display Calibration
Display Calibration.

There is a process in windows specifically for calibrating your monitor and I assume the same applies to other operating systems. There are also specific programs to help you do it as well.

On windows go to the control panel Select “Color Management” then the “Advanced” tab and then the button labeled “Calibrate Display”. That will then take you through a process.

Sometime you will have other software on your system which will do a similar thing, it may also give you “profiles” which will enable you to have different setting for different tasks.

For more details, in Windows at least, you should read the help section “Change color management settings“.