19th July 2024

Knotter Celtic design software

Knotter Graphics Program

A free celtic knot designer, or interlace designer if you prefer. This is going to be one of those specialized graphics programs where you either say “Very clever but not for me” or “How did I ever manage without this”. ” I fall into the latter group at I create a lot of designs related to paper crafting so this comes in remarkably useful.


Knotter Free Software
A simple celtic knot designer.

The easiest way to start with this program is to keep things symmetrical. Start with Three Control points equal distant apart or Four in a square. Connect them symmetrically and then have a play with the borders etc on the righthand side. As with the effects in may graphics programs  you will soon learn what changes each option will make.  Once you have learned the basics you will be able to get slightly more adventurous,  make them less obviously  symmetrical, adding shapes within shapes.

Celtic Knot Example
After finishing in Paint.net

I very rarely use images directly after making them in the program.  There is a fill option etc. but I do find the Celtic knots  produced quite “flat”. Mathematically correct  but not exactly artistic. Luckily you can export the finished knot (or interlace) in both raster and vector formats.

I think many designers will find this program useful. It is great at what it does but, as a specialised program, what it does is fairly limited. Having said that I have been playing with it for quite some time now and never produced two knots which looked even remotely the same. The best piece of Celtic Design Software we have been able to find.

Available for both Windows and Linux.

As with any software you should only download Knotter via the official website which you will find here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/knotter/ .

We have created a little “How to” for this program which will take you through creating your first knot. You can find it HERE.