Pixlr Image Editor. Free to use.

Pixlr Image Editor.

Pixlr Image Editor.

This is the Pixlr image editor. Although this is on our site it is actually run off the Pixlr site. You can open and save images to and from your own computer BUT if you wish to open or save images online you will need to sign in to Pixlr

When you are ready to use the editor first thing we recommend you do (once you have read this) is to click on “View / Full Screen Mode”, it is much easier to use like that. You can get out of full screen mode any time by pressing “Esc” on your keyboard.

We will be adding some tutorials on using the Pixlr image editor specifically around card making. Even if you’ve never used an image editor we think we will be able to get you using this successfully.

If you have any questions about the editor please do contact us (Contact Us Form) and we will use those questions as a basis for the tutorials.  In the meantime we suggest people just give it a go. You won’t do any damgae. The only things you could possibly do “wrong” is overwrite a favourite image off your computer. This can be avoided by altering the name of anything you save!