22nd February 2024

Software for Crafters.

There is lots of great free software out there which can be used by Crafters. Much if it will be graphics software which will enable some crafters to draw and manipulative designs. It also other, who work in paper crafts to make theirs own sheets. Other software will help you to store and sort your designs.

We continually ware people but please ensure you only download software from it’s official source. Hackers have been known to make their own copies of popular software available, with added extras included of course.

Graphics Software.

Best Graphics Software for Crafters

Free graphics software which can be used for creating an manipulating designs.

Graphics Software

Image Viewers and Organisers.

Xnview Convert

These programs will help you to keep your designs in order and help you find ones stored on your computer.

Image Viewers and Organisers.

Painting Software.

My Paint

Graphics and painting are two slightly different things. Whilst many programs do both these concentrate on the painting side of things.

Painting Software.

Photo Editing and Manipulation.

Fotosketcher Photo Effects

Software developed to alter photos you have taken or found. Some great effects are possible using these programs.

Photo Editing and Manipulation.

Other Free Software.

Knotter Free Software

Other free software which we feel you may find useful.

Other Free Software.

Basic Techniques.

Adding Colour.

Some basic techniques which you can use when working with some of the free graphics programs.

Basic Techniques.


Infrequently updated news regarding the free software we have reviewed.



Another infrequently undated section. This is our blog about free software and it’s usage.