30th May 2020

Free Online Tbag Tile Maker

Free Online Tbag Tile Maker
Free Online Tbag tile maker.

Free Online Tbag Tile Maker (Kaleidoscope Maker).

This is a brand new service, a free online tbag tile maker. We hope you will find it easy to use. It will use your own images and turn them into tiles. Here are some brief comments and instructions of the tile maker…

Please Note…

1.Please give each stage TIME to load, it can be quite slow especially with larger images.

2.As normal it is far better to “Save” what you have made and print it from a graphics package or viewer.

3.It can use jpg, gif or png images.

4.Maximum upload size is 2.5mb (which is quite large).

5.Sometimes it seems to get out of alignment, if this happens just change the template and this seems to put it back again.

Free OnlineTbag Tile Maker.
Free OnlineTbag Tile Maker.

And Here are the instructions:

1.Click the “Browse” button to select an image off your computer.

2.Once selected click upload (this may take some time depending on the image size).

3.Most of the manipulation takes place in the 1st segment which is at the 1 o’clock position.

4.to move your image click in segment one and move your mouse.

5.To resize grab the black line and move it.

6.To rotate hold down “Ctrl” grab in segment 1 and move your mouse.

Important Addition.

The tile maker can not currently handle files with an apostrophe in the file name. Please rename any file with an apostrophe in before you upload it into the tile maker

Again just have a play and try it out, I think you will find you can get some really nice effects. We need to make you aware that any images you upload are stored on the server for a short period. We do clear these out weekly ( without looking at them) but we feel it only right to let you know. If you like the free online tbag tile maker please do tell your friends about it!

Here is a short video on how to use the tile maker:

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