3rd August 2022

St Georges Day Downloads for paper crafts.

Here is our collection of Free St Georges Day Downloads. These St Georges Day downloads include backing papers, decoupage, templates and more. They are all completely free to download and print. Use them in your card making, scrap booking and other paper crafts.

St, Georges Day is celebrated on the 23rd April, in England at least although the official day has been changed some year so it doesn’t clash with Easter.  It is also celebrated in a number of other countries including Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, England, Georgia, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, and Serbia. In some countries it is celebrated on the 24th rather than the 23rd. In England the traditional emblems are the English Flag, the Red Rose and various images depicting dragons and knights.

N.B. When downloading please ensure you have reached the largest version of the Design

Our fantasy section has various related papers. These include Knights, Maiden and several dragons.

Fantasy and Fable Craft Papers.

St Georges Day Downloads Decoupage.

Simple 3d decoupage sheets for St. Georges Day. Also stacker and pyramid papers.

St George’s Day Decoupage and Pyramid.



Don’t forget you can make your own personalised backing papers by using our online Backing Paper Builder.

Other Sites with Free St. George’s Day downloads can be found on Free Craft Stuff:- St George’s Day.


All of the designs on our site are free to download and print. You can use them in your card making, scrap booking and other paper crafts. They can not be shore on or off line, distributed or sold. If you know someone who would like to use the images, please point them towards the site.


St Georges Day Downloads English Flag

St Georges Day
English Flag

St George and the Dragon

St George and the
Dragon Decoupage

English Rose Design

English Rose