Graphics Layers Explained.
Graphics Course for Crafters. Part 1.

In order to follow this graphics course for crafters you will want to install which is a windows only program. If you don’t use Windows then you won’t be able to install it but many of the techniques shown in this course will be possible to do on other graphics programs which use layers. […]

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Rotation Resizing and Plugins
Graphics Course. Part 2. Rotation Resizing and Plugins.

This is the second part of of course which covers Rotation Resizing and Plugins. Slightly shorter video than the first one and also more practical. We obviously assume you now have installed on your computer. If you use a different graphics program then some of the techniques shown may be similar depending on what […]

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Brewster Wanted Card Front.
Graphics Course. Part 2a. Using Layers.

This is a small additional video we made about using layers to combine two or more images. There is a general example to show you the overall methods and another which is speciiffically geared towards card making. N.B. Although we have done this as part of the course, using, the same technique should […]

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Making Your Own Backing Papers 4.
Part 3. Making Your Own Backing Papers.

Making Your Own Backing Papers.   Editors Note. This is the third part of the course which concentrates on making your own backing papers. Since Version 3 of is no longer supported I will be leaving out the information related to that although you will still hear it mentioned in the video. Plugins for […]

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