Photo Demon Update
Another Photo Demon Update

Work is obvious continuing on the development version of Photo Demon label 6.5 which will become 6.6 when finalised. The main addition has been 3 new types of selection tools which are extremely useful. They are lasso, polygon and magic wand. You may be familiar we these types of selection tools from other programs but […]

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FotoSketcher Photo Manipulation
FotoSketcher 2.90 Launched

A new version of Fotosketcher was launched on the 16th July 2014, this is version 2.90. The main update has been the addition of a new effect Painting 9 (Watercolour) and I have to say this is an outstanding addition to the program. I have already had a play with it and was very impressed. In […]

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GIMP Magazine
GIMP Magazine, free download.

Did you know that there is a great free magazine based around GIMP which is completely free to download in pdf format. Although based around GIMP it does cover general graphics and photo topics. The latest issue (issue 8) is mostly about about night time and low light photography., issue 7 was mostly about  Illustration with […]

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GIMP Update 2.8.14

Well after all being quite on the GIMP front for a few months we are suddenly hit by a furry of updates. 25th Aug 2014 Version 2.8.12 Released 26th Aug 2014 Version 2.8.14 Released 2nd Sept 2014 Version 2.8.14 Windows Installer released. These are all bug fixes fixing things like the crash on windows resize […]

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Inkscape Vector Image Editing
Inkscape 0.48.5 Released

An update for Inkscape has been release fixing over 60 bugs. This isn’t the major release everyone seems to be waiting for (which will be o.91)  but seeing bugs being actively fixed and reading about all the development on the upcoming release gives a sense of reassurance to Inkscape users. Being just about the only […]

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New Version of FotoSketcher
New Version of FotoSketcher our Review.

New Version of FotoSketcher our Review. Well there is a new version of FotoSketcher out, this is version 3.o. There aren’t any huge changes to the program but the have included a new effect. Also an “invert colours” option and some other minor changes.  This is what they have released about the new version: New features and […]

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Pinta Drawing and Editing Program
New Version of Pinta Available for download.

New Version of Pinta Available for  download. A new version of Pinta is available for download from their website. This is version 1.6 Below is a list of the updates they have made: New Features / Improvements. Redesigned shape tools. The Line tool now supports drawing curves and arrows. Shapes remain editable after being drawn. […]

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Scribus Desktop Publishing
New Version of Scribus out.

A new version of Scribus has been released entitled Scribus 1.5 however  you should be very careful with this. Although it has been named like a general release it is in fact  ” a preview of the next stable version 1.6.0″. On their own website it says it “has primarily been released for testing purposes, […]

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