GIMP 2 Graphics Program
GIMP 2 Image Editing Software

This is often thought of as “top of the pile” when it come to free Image Editing Software. The reality is it can do far more than many of the paid graphics programs you will come across. If you can’t produce professional standard work with GIMP the the fault definitely lies with you rather than the […]

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Inkscape Vector Image Editor
Inkscape Vector Image Program

There is a very limited choice when it comes to vector based image editors. In fact Inkscape is now probably the only viable free one around now (please do let us know if you know of any others).On top of that I am probably not a good choice to do a review of a vector […]

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LazPaint Text Tool
LazPaint Graphics Program

If you are reading more than one entry you are going to get a bit fed up of me saying how good each piece of software is. However what choice do I have when one after has been developed so well. Each, like this LazPaint Graphics program is different from the others, each has it’s strong […]

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Free graphics program free Graphics Program

I will admit right away that the free Graphics Program is my favourite graphics programme and my go to program for most of my image needs. It was simple enough for someone like me to learn ( a non graphic designer and hobbyist ) yet powerful enough to do virtually everything a need in the […]

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Creating a selection in Pinta.
Pinta Drawing and Editing Program

It’s really difficult to talk about the Pinta Drawing and Editing Program without comparing it to, in fact the Pinta website itself  says it is modelled after In some ways this is unfortunate because in a lot of areas it hasn’t yet reached the level of functionality which is available in It […]

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Smooth Draw
SmoothDraw Easy Graphics Program

This is more of a fun drawing and painting program than something you would use to great website logos or edit photographs. At first I put it at the same level as Tux e.g. suitable for 3+ years but actually it doesn’t take you long to realise it has a level of functionality which isn’t […]

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Graphics program for children
Tux Paint: Graphics for Kids

Well here’s a graphics program specifically for children. It’s used in many schools and it is suitable for children 3+. If it is being used by very young children then you will find some extra options in the Configuration Program (something you run separately) which will turn off some of the features, this makes a […]

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