1st July 2022

Sport Papers Downloads

Sport Papers DownloadsHere is our collection of free sport papers downloads. Use in your card making craft projects. Many of the papers are geared towards card making but they can also be used in our paper crafts such as scrap booking. As with all of our papers they are completely free to download, print off and use not only in your card making but also in other crafts such as scrap booking.

N.B. If you an issue downloading our papers then there is a video HERE which should help you. No membership or sign up is require. Just find the sheets you want and download via the button on the right (the button only appears when you are viewing the larger version on the image NOT on the thumbnail.

American Football.

These have been made as American Football sport papers downloads but there is no reason they can’t be used as Rugby papers as well.


Full Character Set.

Cross Stitch.

American Football.


A mostly American sport I believe although also played in Japan and increasing in some European countries suck as the UK. Here are our Baseball papers.


Full Character Set.


A mostly American sport I believe although also played in Japan and increasing in some European countries suck as the UK. Here are our Baseball papers.


Full Character Set.

Bowling Sport Papers Downloads.

Not the 10 pin variety but the Crown Green / Flat Green versions which is still popular in many countries. We have a couple of sets of bowling papers including Brewster in a Decoupage / Pyramid set.

Decoupage / Pyramid Papers.

Brewster Bowling Decoupage Papers.

Cricket Papers.

Yet another highly popular sport so here is our collection of free cricket papers to download. The Brewster Decoupage ones a particulaly good because they enable you to put your own personalised message on the scoreboard if you wish.

Special Sets.

Brewster Cricket Papers.

Craftville Bear Cricket Player.


Fishing Papers.

Fishing, in all its formats, has to be one of the most popular sports there is ( after football etc I assume). We have several different sets of free fishing papers including some photo decoupage ones.

Special Sets.

Brewster Fishing Papers.

Pyramid Papers.

Fishing Pyramid Papers.

Cross Stitch.

Brewster Fishing.

Football Papers.

Here is a list of our football papers. By football we mean European Football / Soccer NOT American Football. We have various backing sheets, decoupage and other papers and have tried to do them in the popular colour such as red and blue. We also have some national team strips in the decoupage.

Special Papers.

Brewster Football.
Teen Football (including national teams).

Cross Stitch.

Football 1.
Football 2.
Teen Footballer.

Golf Papers.

Golf is yet another sport which is popular throughout the world..

Special Sets.

Brewster Golf Papers.

Cross Stitch.

Brewster Golf.

Ice Hockey

A sport which is popular throughout the world here are our papers with an Ice Hockey theme.


Full Character Set.

Cross Stitch.

Ice Hockey.

Motor Sports.

We have recently added some sets of motor sport papers downloads to the site. No matter if the person is a Racing Driver themselves or if they just enjoy watching motor racing we should have some suitable papers.

Character Set.

A great character set featuring one of our Craftville Bears as a racing driver. For the basic image we have Decoupage Sheets, Pyramid Papers, PNGs and Digi Stamps. In addition to this there is a full set of basic papers featuring imaged of a chequered flag.

Craftville Bear Racing Driver.

Sailing Papers.

We have several sets of sailing sport papers downloads both in with the other free sports papers and in the transport papers. It isn’t always clear when sailing stops being a sport and starts becoming a leisure activity so that is why are free sailing papers are spread over both areas.

Decoupage Papers.

Sailing (Transport Section).

Cross Stitch.

Sailing Boat.

Skate boarding Papers.

A more modern sport than many on here but now well established both with children and young adults. These free skate boarding sport papers downloads include a decoupage / pyramid set with “Yowser” taking center sage this time.

Decoupage / Pyramid Papers.

Yowser Skate Boarding.

Tennis Papers.

Tennis is a very popular sport in many countries so it is only right that we have made some free Tennis sport papers downloads. We are particularly pleased with the Brewster Tennis Decoupage which was one of our first character sets with Brewster in.

Decoupage and Pyramid Papers.

Brewster Tennis.

Rcing Driver Decoupage

Racing Driver Bear.

Football Decoupage

Football Decoupage.

Football Players

Football Sport Papers Downloads.

Sailing Boat Cross Stitch

Sailing Boat
Cross Stitch.

Brewster Tennis Paper Set

Tennis Set.

Fishing Papers

Fishing Papers.

Brewster Cricket Decoupage

Brewster Cricket

Bowling Papers

Bowling Sport Papers Downloads.

Yowser Skate Boarding Decoupage

Yowser Skate
Boarding Decoupage.

Rugby Papers

Rugby Sport Papers Downloads.

Horse Jumping

Horse Jumping.

Motor Sport Backing Paper

Motor Sport Papers Downloads.

Baseball Craft Papers

Baseball Sport Papers Downloads.

Free Ice Hockey Papers

Ice Hockey Sport Papers Downloads.

Free American Football Papers

American Football.

Golf 3d Decoupage.
Golf 3d Decoupage.


Free Fishing 3d Decoupage.
Fishing 3d Decoupage.

 Don’t forget you can make your own personalised backing papers by using our online Backing Paper Builder.(You will find some Christmas Templates in the Template section of this)

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