1_small_full_set Scrabble.
Scrabble Tile Templates.

Scrabble Tile Templates. These free scrabble tile template (images) can be downloaded and used in your craft projects such as card making and scrapbooking. The free scrabble tiles come in two different sizes and can be used to add names or short messages to a range of projects.

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Signing Templates.

Signing Templates. Free Signing Templates covering the whole of the alphabet. Can be used to add a name or short message to a craft projects such as greeting cards and scrap booking layouts. The British Sign Language (BSL) templates are available in 3 colours and 2 different sizes.

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Choc Square Box.
Square Box Templates.

Square Box Templates. Over 50 free square box templates to download and use in your craft or project.The boxes are quite small so are best used for favours or little table place / wedding gifts. There are 50 quite different designs in this section so you should find something to suit your needs.

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Stepper Card Templates.

Stepper Card Templates. These free stepper card templates are available in 3 different sizes, A5, 5×7 and A6. They can be downloaded and used in your card making projects. The steeper templates come in four different designs to there are 12 free downloads in total.

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Swivel Card Templates Round.
Swivel Card Templates.

Swivel Card Templates. Two free swivel card templates to download, print and use in your card making. There is a swivel card with a square center and another with a round center. Design is printed in a faint blue line in order to prevent it from showing too strongly on your card.

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thank you card templates a4.
Thank You Card Templates.

Thank You Card Templates. Free Thank You Card templates for you to download and use in your card making. These free downloads come in two different sizes and four different designs so there are a total of eight free designs.

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goodluck wording card templates.
Wording Card Templates.

Wording Card Templates. Free Templates with wording on them such as Happy Easter, Good Luck and Happy Birthday. As with all of our papers they are completely free to download and print. You can cut these cards out or use them whole. You can also use them with some of the free backing papers we […]

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