15th February 2024

More free 2019 New Year Papers.

More free 2019 New Year Papers.
More free 2019 New Year Papers.

Yes I know, our newsletters are like buses. We do have a good excuse though, we really want to get out our Christmas and New Year papers whilst you still have plenty of time to use them. So this week in addition to more free 2019 New Year papers we also have 2 sets of 2019 Calendar papers and a re-upload of more of our Christmas papers.

Many thanks for all the feedback from last weeks newsletter. It really is nice to hear from people but I’m afraid we are still catching up with the replies.


2019 Calendars.

Those who have been with us for a while will know that each tear we release 6 different sets of Calendar papers. This week we have the first two sets, Single A5 sheets and A4 sheets with six months on each. This latter set has 4 different designs in it.

You can use the sheets “as is” or cut them up and use them in your craft projects.

(Over the next few weeks we will add; A4 Single Months,  Year Per Page, A4 Sheet with photo space and Two months per A4 sheet).

A5 Single Months.

A4, 6 months per sheet.


Archived Christmas Sheets.

We’ve uploaded another 21 sets of Christmas papers. This time they have all been “archived” in zip folders. This means you can’t download individual sheets but each set is available to download in one or two zip folders, one for portrait sheets and one for landscape when available. This is a much quicker way of downloading them and it takes up a lot less space on our server. (actually if you want to be technical, the zip folders aren’t even on our server, they are hosted by Amazons bulk services).

Archived Christmas Sheets.


New Year 2019 Papers Part 2.

Finally this week we have the second part of our New Year 2019 set. The design is the same as last weeks papers but available in different colours.

New Year 2019 Papers Part 2.


Well there was a bit of a mix up last week over the “un-subscribe button” on the emails, lets hope I get it right this week! Don’t get me wrong, we love having you as subscribers and would rather no-one left BUT if you do want to leave the list we want to make it as easy as possible for you.

Happy Crafting.

Yours, Bob.

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  1. Hi again, please, keep up the good work…you’re all doing great xxx a Thanking you fir all the Freebies…I’ve had a ball using them xxx

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