American Football Craft Papers.

American Football Craft Papers. (+Rugby?) We did actually make this free set of craft papers to feature American Football (by request) but I don’t know of any reason why they can’t be used for Rugby as well (I’m sure someone will enlighten me if there is one). This is a super set so as well […]

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Yowser Mixing decoupage_med
Yowser Mixing.

Yowser Mixing. A Great set of papers featuring Yowser at the mixing decks. These free papers can be use to make cards for teenagers and younger people. Papers can be used on their own or in conjunction with some of our other free papers such as the music ones. The set conains 3d Decoupage, Pyramid […]

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Yowser Rapper Papers Large.
Yowser Rapper Papers.

A small set of paper featuring our character Yowser as a rapper. Maybe not for the older teenagers but the younger ones should find it amusing. At the moment the set just contains 3d decoupage and pyramid papers but we will be adding more papers soon. There is a set of basic backing papers in […]

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Yowser skateboarding 01_lg
Yowser Skateboarding.

Yowser Skateboarding. Well in this set of papers Yowser is having a go at Skateboarding. Great for cards for kids 6 – 12ish we would think. This free set of papers just contains decoupage, pyramid papers, Transpaprent PNG files and Digi Stamps.. There is already a set of Basic Skatboarding papers in the general section of this […]

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