25th January 2022

Cricket Bear Cross Stitch

Cricket Bear Cross Stitch
Cricket Bear Cross Stitch.

Cricket Bear Cross Stitch Chart.

Another free cross stitch chart featuring a Craftville Bear, this time it a Cricket Bear Cross Stitch Chart. Cricket is remarkably popular in a large number of countries so we expect this design to be very popular.

If you know someone who likes and/or plays cricket then this Cricket Bear Cross Stitch design should suite them. Why not add a cricket score number for a birthday or such like “50 Not Out” or something like that should be perfect.

As normal this design is available in 4 different counts 14, 18, 25 and 32. There are info sheets for each of the counts together with black & white and coloured keys. Finally the chart is available in both B&W and colour and come split into 4 pages to making reading easier.

All the sheets you need for this design are in a single zip folder which you can download by clicking this link:

Click Here to Download.