18th October 2021

Site Update for Craftville.com

Craftville.com Site Update
Craftville.com Site Update

Site Update Update.

Just thought I’d give a quick update on the site update!


A bit of a last minute decision but we added the ability to add comments on some of the pages on the site. This will mainly be this blog section and the newsletters section. We did it in time for the last newsletter and so far it has worked well.

All comments are moderated in order to prevent spam. This means there may be a slight delay between a person submitting a comment and it being authorised. As with the forum we will allow links as long as they are relevant to the conversation.

Email Lists

We found there was an issue with the email lists page with both subscribing and unsubscribing.. this has now been sorted. If you tried to use is over the last week and couldn’t it should now work.

The site look.

We have made a few changes to the overall look of the site. The main chance has been darkening the font which is used on every page. The previous colour was too light given the light background and made reading a little more difficult than the last version of the site. In the same vain we have darkened the boxes in various places where they are used. The main plcae is the comments box which you can see (not much clearer) at the bottom of this page.

We hope you like the changes. It is highly likely that we will make more over time. If you come across anything you feel can be improved please feel free to say. You can now do this by adding a comment to a page like this one. (Comments close on pages after a few weeks so if the facility is no longer available on here please find a newer blog post or the latest newsletter where you should be able to add a comment).  If you don’t want to do that there is a Contact Us form as well.


Well I think that bring you up-to-date with what’s going on with the site update.

Happy Crafting