22nd February 2024

Free Christmas Card Kits

Here is our selection of free Christmas card kits. Each kit can be as simple as you wish, there is the basic card which is usable on it’s own. There is a second set of decorations for it which are optional, you can choose to use all or some of them. Normally this takes the form of Decoupage or pyramid papers. Finally there is a Christmas themed insert sheet which again is optional. You can choose to replace it with a pain white sheet is you prefer. If you haven’t used one of our kits before you will find full instructions HERE.
These cards are in no particular order, just flick through and choose the want you want.

Free Christmas Card Kits.


Nativity Card Kit to download.
Nativity Card Kit.

Nativity Card.

A nativity scene in silhouette in front of a star filled sky. Quite simple to make and with a matching insert.

Nativity Card Zip File.

Brewster Present Card
Brewster Present Card.

Brewster Present Card.

A fairly simple design with one of our Characters, Brewster carrying a Christmas present.  The insert is a snowflake design.

Brewster Present Card Zip File.

Free Santa Sleigh Card to downlaod and print.
Santa Sleigh Card.

Santa Sleigh Card.

Another Card with a background full of stars. This time accompanied by a large moon plus Santa on his Sleigh.

Santa Sleigh Card Zip File.

Teen Christmas Card Kit

Snowman Card.

A lovely card featuring images of a Snowman both on the front of the card and on the insert sheet. Suitable for all age ranges.

Snowman Card Zip File.


Teen Christmas Card Kit

Bear Father Christmas Card.

This is one of our Craftville Bears dressed as Father Christmas. To compliment this the insert sheets has images of snowmen on. We do have other free Christmas card kits featuring the Craftville Bears.

Bear Father Christmas Card Zip File.

Teen Christmas Card Kit

Bear Christmas Elf Card.

Once of our cutest free Christmas card kits with a Craftville bear. This time dressed as a Christmas Elf. To compliment this the insert sheet has images of Father Christmas on..

Bear Christmas Elf Card File.

Teen Christmas Card Kit

Teen Christmas Card.

Teenagers are always difficult to find cards for whether it’s for Christmas or some other occasion. This is a simple “South Park Style” card with a bit of decoupage (if you choose to add it) and a relevant insert sheet.

Teen Christmas Card Zip File.

Free Father Christmas Card Kit

Father Christmas Card.

A nice traditional design featuring an image of Father Christmas. This type of card will suit a variety of ages and you can personalise it inside with your own message on the insert sheet.

Download Father Christmas Card Zip File.

Free Carol Singers Christmas Card Kit.

Carol Singers Christmas Card.

A lovely card featuring 3 of our unique characters out carol singing. As with all these free Christmas card kits it includes elements which you can add or leave out as you wish. Another card which should suit most age ranges.

Download Carol Singers Zip File.

Free Cartoon Card to downloadr

Cartoon Christmas Card.

A cartoon Christmas Card suitable for older children, teenagers and others. This card contains a small pyramid design which is quite simple to cut out and stack.

Cartoon Christmas Card Card Zip File.

Xmas Tree Themed Design

Christmas Tree Card.

The most modern of our free Christmas card kits with a nice traditional snowflake design insert sheet. This should suit a wide range of people.

Christmas Tree Zip File.

Reindeer Bear Card
Reindeer Bear Card.

Reindeer Bear Card.

Another card featuring one of our Craftville Bears. This time dressed as a Reindeer. Hopefully you will agree this makes a rather cute Christmas card.

Reindeer Bear Zip File.


Bear Father Christmas Card
Bear Father Christmas Card.

Bear Father Christmas Card.

And another Craftville Bear Card. This time dressed as Father Christmas and carrying a “Merry Christmas” sign.

Bear Father Christmas  Zip File.


Christmas Bells Card
Christmas Bells Card.

Christmas Bells Card.

A more traditional style of Christmas images with bells and holly etc.  For those who prefer this type of greeting card..

Christmas Bells Zip File.


Snowman Bear Card
Snowman Bear Card.

Snowman Bear Card.

I do like this card. Once again it is based on a Craftville Bear although that is rather difficult to tell if you haven’t come across them before.

Snowman Bear Zip File.


Full Instructions Here for the free Christmas card kits.

Index of Cards.

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