22nd February 2024

Free Craft Downloads Newsletter

Free Craft Downloads Newsletter
Free Craft Downloads Newsletter

Free Craft Downloads Newsletter

Yes another instance when we have naming difficulties. The email title has continued to be “Free Craft Downloads Newsletter” even though we changed the site name to Craftville!

I’ve always been a bit “doggy” about our newsletter. I get enough spam in my own email box to make me not to want to add to anybody elses. Thats one of the reasons we only ever send out one email a week and only then if we have new papers to release.

What came as a pleasant surprise recently was the number of people who have contacted us asking why they hadn’t received any emails for a few weeks. Well we didn’t send any out for a few weeks whilst we were upgrading the site which took longer than we thought. Whilst it was disappointing, letting people down it was nice to find out that people missed the newsletter when it wasn’t sent out.

We’ve always tried to keep the newletter “light”, after all we aren’t a commercial site. On the other hand I’m sure many people who get it just want to see what the weeks free papers are so we’ve also tried to make that obvious. Not everyone want to read through loads of guff before they actually get to the stuff they want. We will be adding more from other paper craft related sites, thats one of the benefits of being none commercial. So if you know any good sites which you think others will enjoy please do let us know. We’re particularly looking for other sites with free downloads and instructions.

The¬†Free Craft Downloads Newsletter has gone through a few changes over the years. We went through a phase of doing a weekly video for it. Unfortunately that turned out to be very time consuming. When we do videos in the future I’d much rather make them instructional ones. The layout has changed several times, as it has this week, ¬†Maybe well get it right eventually!

One thing we are often asked is why we send out a link rather than the full email itself. There are several reasons for this. For one email programs aren’t alway the best at showing the type of content we have. Secondly we like to have an online copy (you will find about 6 years worth in our Newsletter Archive) which means we would have to do it twice, once to suit emails and once to suit the site. Lastly not everyone accepts HTML emails, I can understand why as there have been risks in the past. So we just send out the link and people can choose to read it when they wish.

I don’t expect to make any drastic changes to the newsletter in the near future. Might have a bit of a play with some of the extra features this system can offer but that shouldn’t make a big difference. As long as people aren’t complaining about it I’ll assume it’s OK.

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I know I say it every time the newsletter is mentioned but I’d just like to state again. We don’t share your email addresses with anyone else when you sign up to the newsletter.