7th August 2022

Metallic Dots: Make Your Own

How to make your own metallic dots for paper crafts.
Make Your Own Metallic Dots.

How to make your own Metallic dots.

I’ve been a bit reluctant to give this Metallic Dots “tip” as I really though everyone knew it. So if you’ve heard it before then please excuse me. I’m not trying to teach my grandma to suck eggs.

I’ve always made these dots from any cut offs I have of metallic card, holographic cards, coloured paper etc.  I wouldn’t use a new sheet for it but when I make things like the Metallic Christmas Stars it always leaves a lot of cut off which I’d hate to throw away.

Every now and then I sit down with a bunch of these cut offs and make the dots using an old fashioned hole punch. I then stick them in pots and keep them along with my glitter etc ready to decorate Stars, greetings cards  and other paper craft projects.

Make Metallic dots using a Hole Punch.
Make Metallic dots using a Hole Punch.

Couple of bonus tips:

  • Some of the papers I use have sticky backs. Once you’ve punch the small dot these can be very difficult to peel the backing off. I tend to ignore the fact they are sticky backed and just glue them onto projects as if they weren’t.
  • If you are like me, with no nails, or perhaps slightly shaky hands then these little dots, and other things like them, can be very difficult to pick up. I use a straightened paperclip with a it of blue tack on the end to do it. It’s much quicker than trying to pick them off my cutting mat. I use the same when dealing with small bits of decoupage or any other small pieces.

Well I hope you find these tips useful. As I said I’m sure they aren’t new to a lot of you but if we all share little tips we have then we’re all bound to come across some which are new to us!