22nd February 2024

Glass Painting Website

Glass Painting Outlining Skills
Glass Painting.

Well you may have noticed that I’ve bee a little quieter on here in the last week or so. ¬†Whilst you may have thought I was taking a bit of time of after all the updating etc. the fact was, after updating Craftville.com a ploughed straight on to one of our other websites, www.glasspainting.co.uk .

Glass Painting Website.

Firstly we have updated the site itself, making it viewable on all devices. (Phones, tablets and computers). Now we are updating some of the information on the site itself. Some of the videos on there were made over 5 years ago. Whilst that may not seem like long, technology has moved a long way since then. The videos are being redone in HD which means they will look a lot better. We also have a digital video camera now. 5 years ago we had a video camera with tape. That then had to be converted to a digital file before it could be edited.

The good thing about this is a get to play with my glass paints again. It’s been quite a while since I last did an serious glass painting. No disrespect to all the paper crafters on this site but I started out as a glass painter and I think glass painting will always remain my favourite craft. You can make such a wide range of items, from a small candle holder up to a full window.

Basic Outlining Video for Glass Painting
Gl;ass Painting: Basic Outlining Video.

The first video I have redone is the basic outlining video. Outlining is the bit of glass painting most people seem to have issues with. The video gives a few hints and tips to make the outlining easier. (There are also methods of glass painting where you don’t use outliner if you find it a real problem). You can see in the image above the difference in quality between the original video and the new one!

If you’ve never had a go at glass painting please do and have a look at the site. For you card makers there are even two projects to make glass painted greetings cards!

Glass Painting.co.uk.

The Outlining Video.