25th January 2022

Free Box Frame Template

Free Box Frame Template. New Design

We have released a new design for our simple free box frame templates. It is a little sturdier but just as simple to make. The video below will show you how to put it together.



The first difference about this new template are the inside ends which have an extra tab. This helps keep them in place. The other big difference┬áis the template is in two parts, one of which is a back. Now you wont always have to use the back. If you are sticking the frame to the front of the card it wont be needed. However if you want to use it as a “traditional” standalone frame then you will need it. In the examples I show I’ve used the frame for a few glass painting projects. In this case I have cut out the middle of the back so the light can come through.

Free Box Frame Template Instruction
Free Box Frame Template

Free Box Frame Template: Assembly

Putting this frame together is very similar to the last simple 3d frame design.

  • Print out the design. Either just the front or the front and back depending on what you are using it for.
  • Cut the frame out. You should cut along the solid line. Leave the dotted ones for now.
  • If you are going to use this as a hanging frame now would be a good time to add wholes for the thread. Which side you do this on depends on whether you need a portrait or landscape frame. Try and ensure the holes are symmetrical.
  • Now score along the dotted lines to make folding easier. (These can be a little difficult to see. If in doubt use the back and white guide to show you).
  • Glue in the two end tabs.
  • Add your thread for hanging.
  • Glue the outside tabs.
  • Finally glue the tow remaining inside tabs.
  • If you are using the back piece you will still have this to do. You will most probably want to add whatever it is you are putting in the frame before you glue this on.

That is basically how you make up the free box frame template. Personally I suggest watching the video first. Then just use the above for reminders.

We hope you like this frame. It can be used in card making, glass painting and other crafts. You can put additional decoration on the frame if you wish. You can also use the black and white guide to print the template onto different coloured card.

Free Box Frame Template.