Pen and Wash
Pen and wash Watercolour Painting

Pen and wash is a different style of watercolour painting. I’ve wanted to give it a try for a while but though it best to cover the basics first. Many people use this type of painting when they are “out on location”, to make quick(ish) sketches. Maybe to use as the basis of a “proper” painting […]

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Site Update for

Site Update Update. Just thought I’d give a quick update on the site update! Comments. A bit of a last minute decision but we added the ability to add comments on some of the pages on the site. This will mainly be this blog section and the newsletters section. We did it in time for […]

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The New Site
The New Site for

The New Site The new site is split into three main parts, the main site, the gallery with the bulk of the papers and the forum. What we have done over the last few weeks is update the main part of the site. This section includes the projects, quick cards, special days, special events, site map, craft article, […]

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Brewster Singing and Guitar Cross Stitch Chart.
Updated Cross Stitch Charts.

Updated Cross Stitch Charts. We have had lots of comments about our free cross stitch charts over the years. Some positive, some not so much! One of the common issues has been that the charts are a bit over complicated at times, even the simple cartoon ones e.g. that there are far too many colours […]

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Choosing a Font.
Using Christmas Fonts.

OK I’ve entitled this post “Using Christmas Fonts” but it’s really just about finding and using extra fonts, rather than sticking to the ones which come with your computer. There are loads out there, 1,000s. Some you have to pay for but there are also a lot of free ones. Serious Note About Using Christmas […]

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Sailboard - Watercolour
Watercolour Painting Subjects.

Watercolour Painting Subjects. The more I paint the less “lessons” I am doing and the more I am choosing my own Watercolour painting subjects. I think, if I were a real teacher, now is the time I would be saying you should be doing little studdies, fruit on a table, a coffee cup and flower, […]

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Learning Watercolour Painting: Church in snow.
Watercolour Painting. 2.

Watercolour Painting. 2. So this is my second post on learning watercolour painting. Following my attempts to put paint to paper.  I’m now up to about week 6. The learning seems to have slowed down a bit, I don’t feel as though I am making headway I was at the beginning. This is probably the […]

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