25th September 2021

Finding Free Craft Downloads

Free Craft Downloads
Finding Free Craft Downloads.

Everyone likes something for nothing and that includes Crafters 🙂  . The Internet is awash with freebies  which will be of interest to Crafters. Millions of designs, Computer Programmes, How to Videos, Advice and lots more… there are a couple of notes of caution however when finding free craft downloads.:

Keep It Legal.

There is a lot of stuff out there which just isn’t legal. This is especially true when it comes to designs / images and computer programmes. We don’t in anyway support the copying and use of any illegal material. Many designs are produced by small craft companies or individuals who need to make a living.  If it isn’t clear if you can use an image or not then ask!

Keep It Safe.

  • Only download and install programmes from websites you know and trust… if your not sure ask in forums etc.
  • Never install hacks or cracks.
  • Make sure your computer is running up-to-date anti_virus software.
  • Never “allow” your computer to install something unless your sure of it’s origin, even if a website say you need it to view their site.
Finding Free Craft Downloads
Finding Free Craft Downloads.

Finding Free Craft Downloads.

Free Craft Stuff is a great site with categories covering all sorts of crafts including needle work, wood work, childrens crafts, card making, scrap booking and much more. All of the site on here have been individually checked to ensure that they a free content. This hopefully will stop you getting the normal run-a-round you get into when you’re trying to find free craft designs, charts, programmes etc.www.freecraftstuff.co.uk

Using A Search Engine.

The main problem with using a Search Engine is making sure you get a set of results which is actually relevant to what you are looking for. Luckily there is so much information out there you can now be quite specific with what terms you put into the search box. Put this phrase in google.co.ukfree craft download A6 insert Christmas” and you will get over 22,000 results, hopefully at least the first few pages will be relevant. If you want to narrow it down further then just go to the Advanced Search and ask it to remove results with these words in “P&P postage price cd“, this will take it right down to 356 results!

This is obviously only an example but it is a good idea to use the advance search to remove results with words in you don’t want… I quite often take the words “game” and “warcraft” out of my searches because they are obviously not what I’m interested in. Witch can be another!

Finding Free Craft Downloads

Authored By: Bob Prentice

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