25th September 2021

How to Start your Own Website

Websites are a great way for crafters to show others what they have made and maybe even show how they made it.  You can use it to show your friends and family what you have been working on and maybe even get a few sales! So here is how to start your own website.

Firstly a word of warning, this isn’t Field of Dreams and we wont be saying “Build it and they will come”.  Building a website is only half the battle, getting visitors is, if anything, even more difficult.

How to Start your Own Website
How to Start your Own Website


Take a look at Blogger and you will find loads of Craft related websites, everything from Card Making to Glass blowing, Wood turning to Chain saw carving. Blogger is a great choice for beginners as it is so simple to use,  many users have no previous experience of building a website yet with blogger (and other blogging sites) they can make a functioning site very quickly. Best of all it’s free! It is remarkable hard to make an irreversible mistake on blogger so if you aren’t too sure but think you would like to try then we recommend you just give it a go.

Google Sites.

If you want to try something which it even closer to having your own site than blogger then try Google sites. Once again this is remarkable easy to use but with this you can build your own complete site.

What many people don’t realise is, with either blogger or Google site you are able to use your own domain name should you choose. OK, you will need to pay for the domain name but it will make your site or blog look more “professional”.

We will look at building your own site and getting visitors in future articles.

How to Start your Own Website.

Authored By: Bob Prentice.

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